A really good street racing game...

User Rating: 8.5 | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition PS2
Midnight club 3: Dub Edition is a great game.

Its got some good graphics,and good sound,also the gameplay is really good,and the controls are easy,and the single player is great,and there are loads of races you do,and there is loads of stuff to unlock for your cars,also there are some awesome cars in this game,including the cadillac sixteen,nissan skyline,me four-twelve,lamborghini murcielago,chrysler 300c, cadillac cien,mercedes sl55 amg,and muh more other cool cars.

Graphics:8.5/10:The graphics in this gameare really good,and make the game more fun and better to play.

Sound:8.5/10:The sound in this game is also really good.

Gameplay:8.5/10:The gameplay in this game is really good,and the controls are easy.

Single player:8.5/10:The single player is great,there are many races to do,and many cars to unlock.Also all these races make it more fun.

Overall:8.5/10:This game is really good,the graphics are very good,and the sound is also really good,also the gameplay is great,and the controls are easy.And there are many races in single player,and there are many cars to unlock.