I love this game. Once you buy it, it's hard to stop playing. Like when I bought it. It was the first game I bought.

User Rating: 6.5 | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition PSP
When I just started playing midnight club 3: Dub edition. I couldn't stop playing. I used to play day and night and on and on again. Midnight club 3: Dub edition was also the first game I bought for the psp. Even if it was the first game I bought. It was to addicting for me to play. That is why I like it. To me this game is just right, and my score is maybe 6.5. I know I said I really like the game. But it is just that When I finished the game. It just started getting a little boring. Not just it is really old. It is just that I finished it al lot of times and well it gets boring. But this game is still okay because you can customize your vehicle. Not like Gran Turismo for the psp. My favorite car for Midnight club 3: dub edition for the psp is the Galardo. I love that car. It was fast and the styles were awesome and when I custimized the car, it was even better.