Review:Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

User Rating: 7 | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition XBOX

Midnight Club 3

Midnight club 3 is a racing game made by published and developed by Rockstar San Diego. There are three areas in the game San Diego, Detroit and Atlanta with a dodge neon or another car. The game suprisingly has a lot of content. The difficulty of the game ridiculously overpowered. You have to reach glowing neon gas fumes which are picked up by the onscreen GPS. You dont have any barriers to keep you inside of the course, worse there is no reset button to put you back on the track .You will find yourself missing and miscalculating turns constantly. But there is a topside. You have a zone, agro and roar ability depending on which car you pick. Zone slows everying down which makes you able to maneuver through traffic much better. Agro will turn your car into a tank and make you knock other racers off the course. roar will send out a shockwave that will make everything on the road fly into the air. You can customize There are differnt race types nine not counting cruise mode, all of them are fast paced and fun.The game a outstanding amount of content, The load of cars and tracks in this game is just jilting If you like racing games that will make you pull your hair constantly. Midnight Club 3: is just the for you