Need some quick advice!!

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I really want to play this game, but I watched a friend of mine play it on his 360 and I thought it was awful. The textures looked terrible along with the animations and it seemed to me like it was super easy because the AI was pretty poor. The game story seemed good and the actual gameplay looked smooth, however. I plan on buying a ps4 in a week or two and I wanted to get this game with it. I want to know if these things were terrible just cuz it was being played on a 360. Will playing it on a more powerful system fix these problems or is that just how the game is? Thanks in advance for your advice!!!

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Game is great. Just picked it up after about a year and enjoying it just as much as the first time thru....

Not sure about the graphics problems, I am playing on a 65 inch and it isn't as good as more recent games but still great imo.

It's basically Batman in Mordor so If you have played the batman games it is a lot like that.