Metroid: Zero Mission Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Harder Version of Final Boss

    Normally, the final boss fight is pretty simple-it only takes 5 super missile hits to kill him, if you target the core.

    However, if you achieve a 100% item collection rate, the boss will take 15 super missiles to kill, and will do 50% more damage, which varies with your difficulty level. So, if you have 100% on hard mode, the boss will take out three tanks with one swipe of his claw, instead of two.

    Contributed by: BigCow 

  2. Open New Time Attack mode

    To open Time Attack Mode in which you get a password for your clear time and percent, choose a file that has the green+yellow Samus symbol and hit the A button. When you see the 'Start Game' option, simply hit Up, Left, Right, then Down on the d-pad and 'New Time Attack' will appear.

    Contributed by: Red Scarlet 

  3. Have "Gallery" written in gold writing on the main menu.

    After getting all 8 endings in Zero Mission, the font for "Gallery" becomes gold to signify that all endings have been obtained.

    Contributed by: Godstriker8 

  4. Original Metroid Passwords

    When you beat the game, you will get to play Original Metroid. Enter this in the password screen

    Effect Effect
    000000 000020 --y000 000001? 255 Missiles, All Upgrades, No Suit
    XX---X XXXXXX MKKKKK KKKKNN As the 12-X 12-K code, but with all powerups
    gunpei yokoi? X11151 XXXXXn As the other Yokoi code, but you have the ball
    0G0000 000000 000000 000001 At Start, but no Maru Mari
    X----- --N?WO dV-Gm9 W01GMI Best Ending, No Suit, at end
    BOMBS_ MISSLE SCREW_ ATACK_ (see above) Debug Mode, this messes up gameplay :)
    999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK Hard Mode
    NARPAS SWORD0 000000 000000 Infinite missiles, Infinite Health, and all upgrades.
    000000 000000 4G0000 00000H Morph Ball & Bombs at Start
    gunpei yokoi? X11111 XXXXXn Norfair, armored, with no ball, and not the greatest ending if you finish
    000000 000008 000000 000008 Reset
    y19pVz YMRGC4 WV--00 0000XT Ridley & Kraid Killed, their statues hit, 255 missiles, 100%, No Suit, Mother Brain Killed, In Norfair
    000000 000008 000000 00K01O Ridley and Kraid Killed
    V - - - - - - r - e69 t?A00e 00M04p Start at Tourian, fully powered, ready for the 2nd ending
    X - - - - - - - N?WO dVue08 001GL2 Start at Tourian, fully powered, ready for the 3rd ending
    OV - - - - - - r - e6 9t?A08 000GTq Start at Tourian, fully powered, ready for the 4th ending
    7 - - - - - - zVw1Y T - YW01 - W5WCl Start at Tourian, fully powered, ready for the 5th ending
    5X - - - - - - - N?W OdVue0 0000iu Start at Tourian, fully powered, ready for the best ending
    0iF - - - - - - w - q 3ax - 50 0000wx Start at Tourian, fully powered, suitless Samus, ready for the best ending
    000000 000000 200000 000008 Start with Screw Attack
    JUSTIN BAILEY / ------ ------ Suitless Samus
    000000 000020 000000 000020 Suitless Samus at Start.
    SAMUS8 RIDLEY 444444 444444 Suitless Samus, start on Norfair, infinite missles, blonde and brown hair color instead of green and lime, no items or upgrades except for missles.
    XXXXXX XXXXXXX KKKKKK KKKKKK Suitless Samus, Virtually Nothing, In Tourian
    JUSTIN BAILEY ~~~~~~ This will start you at Kraid's Lair with the Long Beam, Ice Beam, Bombs, High Jump Boots, Screw Attack, Varia, Suitless Samus, and 255 Missles.
    JUSTIN BAILEY (6 spaces) 000000 You start with Maru Mari, Long Beam, Bomb, Jump Boots, Varia, Ice Beam, Screw Attack. Your Icebeam looks like the Wave Beam, and you start in Norfair

    Contributed by: Sceptre, BioBoy19, XxThunderxX, ReyVGM, Invader TAK, Jaffar7, Lhunthangion 

  5. Unlockables

    These can be unlocked (one way or another)

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Link up with Metroid Fusion Fusion Gallery
    Beat the game once (images will be added when you beat the game differently) Gallery
    Beat the game once on Normal Hard Mode
    Beat the game once Original Metroid
    Beat Hard Mode Once Sound Test

    Contributed by: Sceptre, ZeroBeats Ghost 

  6. All endings

    In order to unlock and view all the endings, you must do the following.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game under 2 hours and 100% in Normal. Samus at a bar in a red top and shorts
    Beat the game over 2 hours and 100% in Normal or Hard. Samus in a red top and shorts, walking around a city
    Beat the game in Easy or in over 4 hours and above 15% in Normal or Hard. Samus in full armor sitting on a rock
    Beat the game under 2 hours and above 15% in Normal and Hard. Samus in just her blue jumpsuit
    Beat the game under 2 hours and 100% in Hard. Samus over looking a city in a red top and shorts
    Beat the game below 15% in Normal. Samus sitting near a window in a red top and shorts
    Beat the game below 15% in Hard. Samus standing in full armor, with a close of her face without it in the background
    Beat the game around 3 hours and above 15% in Normal or Hard. Samus without her helmet looking at the sunset

    Contributed by: Kintaro Oe age 25 

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