Samus is back, in an action packed adventure that is easily one of the best FPS's ever.

User Rating: 9.5 | Metroid Prime GC
Metroid took a break from production leaving not a single metroid game on the Nintendo 64.
Though Metroid Prime, alerted many to the series, and showed Nintendo's mature side, with a game that opened up a series that has spanned 2 sequels and a spin off, that has resulted in one of the most highly acclaimed game series of all time.
The game's main setting has been tied with Bioshock for its amazingly detailed worlds and amazing graphics that even 6 years after its release still is a very good looking game.
The games sound is very good, it builds suspense and works very well.
The different things Samus can do like the ability to morph into a ball, and the different beams and missles that have different impacts on monsters.
The controls are very good, and dont take much to get used to, making the game easy to play but harder to progress through, even though it doesnt necessarily have a steep learning curve.

Its a very good and long lasting game that provides one of the best shooting experiences not only on the GameCube but even now 6 years later. So dont think that Halo is the only shooter that has redefined gaming, because this easily done just as much on the Sci Fi side of the genre.
The game opened up an amazing series that will leave you wanting so much more