Which game is better - Super Metroid or Metroid Prime?

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Hello, everyone. Just wondering which game you think is better - Super Metroid or Metroid Prime? I personally think Super Metroid is better because the 3D enviroment in Prime isn't as fun as the 2D action in SM, I think the gameplay, challenge and secrets are better, and I just think Super Metroid is the overall better game.

Questions? Let me hear your thoughts! Thanks!

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Super Metroid was a bit too confusing for my taste was really hard to find items and a lot of times I get lost so long I gave it up.  Still pretty amazing game to this day, but for me Metroid Prime is the only Metroid game I've replayed several times, and actually beaten. None of the others come close in my opinion. None of the others gave you so much to explore, which the 2d game just cant do.