Walkthrough on Hypermode : 99hp max (No extra energy tanks Challenge) No glitch

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As the title says, I'm working on the challenge : beating the three primes without using extra energy tanks on hypermode difficulty. Since this game is the easiest of the three Primes, I don't use a lot of missiles (5 most of the game, 30 at the end), not any combo (except super missile, for we are forced to obtain it) , no power bomb expansion either. And obviously, no extra energy tanks. Here is the link to the playlist with all the walkthrough videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO5OX2aIXrxonQffsIhZ6oUi9grrG1XH_ I hope you will enjoy it, some parts were tough to pass! ^^
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One of the best games ever made. I have just recently discovered it, can't really explain how I've missed it in the early 2000s (must have been too busy playing Halo lol). It's really hard to find flaws with this game. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay superb, the artwork likewise. What ane awesome find. I would rate this game 9.8/10.

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I remember playing this a couple o years ago. Man, it really was a great game. Awesome garphics and gameplay or 2002. One o the best games ever in my opinion.