Pretty Good!

User Rating: 9.5 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
this game is pretty cool it's graphics are great and there is even better online play with up to 4 players and there is always someone playing and you can choose 7 players each with their own special/unic abbilyties and the storymode is pretty decent and kind of hard as well as the controls to play they get complicated at first but you eventually get used to it and it's lefty freindly you can play with only 1 gamecard which is pretty fun the game can rank you online and everything is decent and you can add people as rivals so you can talk and battle with them and if you add freinds you can talk to them as well the bad thing is that it's to linear and hackers got to it and people disconnect all the time but other than that it's a great game but if you don't have wi-fi you really shouldn't buy it because that is where the game truly shines!