So grat but so hard!

User Rating: 9.5 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
Metroid Prime hunters is the first game from it`s series i`ve had opportunity to play. It looks amazing, graphics - awesome! Maybe textures could have been better, but when you are running around and shooting you don`t have so much time to notice that. When I talk about shooting I find it a little bit imprecise, because I`m not able to shoot at target I wish every time (there is no small step to adjust gun). Also, it takes very long time to learn how to move and control all options so you can play smoothly. But once you are done, great game begins! Game play is fast, surprisingly fun and above all that very, very "active". There is well known tactic - find enemy, shoot it before he shoots you, take the "key" he left and use it to move further. Boss fights are tough, and you`ll probably die more times than you used to in this kind of games, but it`s fun for sure!
This is one of the best handheld shooters out there so far, so don`t miss it! This is Metroid at it`s best!