If N64 had a Metroid it would be something like hunters.

User Rating: 9.5 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
Metroid Hunters released a few years ago but it still is one of the best DS titles. Much in the same way Wave Race 64 and Mario 64 were some of the best titles after the 5 year span of the N64. If N64 ever had a Metroid game i would imagine it would be like Hunters.

Graphics: 10
The graphics as quite amazing. It pushes the DS to the limits. If you have played Metroid Prime you will feel right at home. You will see much of the same stuff and it looks great!

Sound: 9
I'm giving sound a 9 because some of music crackles. And some of the sound effects feel very dated. Like they came from Game Boy. But overall the sound is great.

Control: 10
I love how the DS plays first person shooters. You walk and strafe with the D pad and use the stylis to look. This is very fluid and natural. Metroid Prime for the NGC wasn't a true FPS but Hunters is. You use the touch screen to access all your different abilities and guns. Double tap the screen to jump. The only button you will use is L to shoot your gun.

Online Support: 9.5
Online is easy to use. You can find games fast. Games are quick and they are fun. It plays smooth. You can get some frame rate issues when a lot of stuff is going on though. This will occur in the campaign as well. The chat feature is kinda flawed. You can't chat with people unless they are in your friends list. The only way to add people to your friends list to ask for their friend code. But getting their friend code is impossible because you can't communicate with them until they are your friend. So basically Nintendo made the talk feature for people you know in real life. You can add people as rivals after a match only if they selected you as a rival as well.

Overall this game is a must have for DS players. The campaign is on the shorter side for a Metroid game but multiplayer will keep you coming back. Nintendo did a great job once again.