WOW! This Game is Awesome .. But Could Be Better !

User Rating: 8 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
Its Sunday ! And YAY :D ! I have get my metroid prime hunters (finaly?) .
When i was starting with playing this game .... Saw i the strong 3d buildings :O , i was realy feeling that i playing this game on the pc ? but i was playing this game on a smal TFT screen ? and OMG! AWESOME !!!! yes you wil see the pixels on some things in this game ... BUT dont Wory !!! the ds isnt realy strong in graphics .. so i maybe should these graphics stronger than a N64 ????

The Gameplay feels good .. ! you can move the camera with using the stylus .. and the control feels realy strong.... but lets stop with talking over the graphics and gameplay and lets see how the game looks real ..!

The game starts realy easy , just shooting of the robots . make jumps . scanning items .. finding stuff .... but than , when we see the first boss , oh dawn , you must shoot on the blue things and than you wil see a metalic thing (or something) and you must shoot on that thing and than hit points wil down for the bos .. it was realy frustating becouse when you moving on the first bos , the strales are hitting you every ware ! , than when i finaly beats the BOSS! i have must go back to my ship or something and that was frustating as HELL , the map was 3d and unclear !!! and your moving . moving and your back , the wrong way OMG . becouse al the plases in this game resemble each other is this realy hard ;( when i was in level 2 ... yes again you must scanning thing , shoot on the bad thing and the boss in level 2 was easy ... no the first times it was hard but when you finally got to him hitten it becoume easy ... but richt this game is hard (maybe only for me )??? and its not realy what I had expected ;(