A fun game that has good online play but can be hard to control at first.

User Rating: 8 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
Metriod Prime hunters is how Samus does DS. You'll most likey find yourself using the touch screen to aim and D pad to move. This game takes getting used to, it might even seem uncomfortable at first to hold and play it well. But once you get the hang of the controls, it will entertain you for a while.

The adventure mode takes you into space scanning for planets and bases and then flying to them and exploring through them defeating other hunters and Bosses searching for new weapons and crystals.

The game draw backs on me on the fact that you need to retrace your path A LOT just to advance, and sometimes, it's easy to forget where you've been already. But the maps helps out when you press START in one player mode.

Boss fights are rather repetitive, and you'll end up fighting the same thing, just with an added twist to it. Like needing to use a different weapon or avoiding more attacks..

Multiplayer is fun, and Online just expands that. The only downside I can see is when you fight cheaters in the game, or when you experiance lag and other players apear to warp on your screen (can't imagine it's much better for them).

Personally, I suck at this game, but even I find Multiplayer fun sometimes.