After Months of Wait Nintendo Finally Snap into it. Mph hits the stores.

User Rating: 9.7 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
I am writing this review from A member of a forum who happens to have the game.
Metroid Prime Hunters is the best DS game so far. The title screen is Amazingly good and i found myself re-watching the intro movie hundreds of times. Ive never really been into the Story mode much in previous metroid titles but Hunters grabs you and doesnt let go.
The graphics are VERY impressive for a nintendo ds game. You can spot the odd differences when you come close to a huge object, But its nothing Bad or anything. HARDLY noticable when playing a action packed game.
The sound obviosouly isnt as good as the gamecube titles since the conversion from DVD to cartridge. But the odd sound effect that doesnt fit seems a little out of place if you constantly play or remember the gamecubes sound quality. The background sounds are as good as ever and the new track for the Hunters remix we have heard to often is great.
The gameplay amazed me at the sight to the planet selection screen. The top screen acting as a telescope and the bottom screen as a kind of map works great. I feel so professional!
The first place you can visit is the old crumbling space station. There you will fight Nintendos favourite hunter... Kaden. Along with the boss showdown with the 'wooden pole' The levels are as great as ever and the nessecary bit to any metroid game is the start briefing of scanning simple doors to find out how to unlock or simply demonstrating the missles or shooting locks to open doors.

In summary the mulitplayer is great especially if you live in a closet and want to play alone out of the light. The bots range from one star to three stars. There are 26 levels i think and you start of with 8. You have to unlock more in single player mode by breaching different planets or simply playing more than a certain amount of matches. I havent really tested out wifi yet. But the lobby system works like some PC games like Battlefield 2. You can select peoples rooms and with lots of customization options your in for a real fight!
The levels are immersive and complicated and take true mastering to find where to fight and how.
I hope you have enjoyed my (his) review.