Brilliant Multiplayer

User Rating: 9.5 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
On the whole Metroid Prime Hunters is the best multiplayer on a nintendo system. The single player is awesome on your first play however it isn't really the single player if you want replayability.It's also short but the multiplayer will entertain you for hours!It has 7 hunters who all have general positions e.g. sniper,all round. I loved the game on the visual side as well as it looks amazing for the ds although occasionly it can look grainy. Oh yeah Metroid Prime is a FPS so perfect controls are a must and I have to say the touch screen aiming is great. As an FPS it focuses more on exploing and solving puzzles and backtracking is needed when exploring the 4 planets to gain the mythical octoliths. Multiplayer wise there are a number of different arenas some are slightly changed versions of single player areas others are designed just for multiplayer! Thanks for reading this(if you actually do).