The adventure mode is stale but the multiplayer is enough to by the game.

User Rating: 8 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
This is my first review so I'm hoping this turns out good...

I bought this game the same time I got my DS. I was hoping to find a great first person shooter that is comparable to Halo and Quake. Well, the adventure mode quality is no where near near Halo or Quake.

Story Line (4/10)

The story line is very linear and very simple. The levels and maps however, can be quite beautiful and interesting. The beginning and the end of the game are the only remotely interesting parts of the game, since the middle of the game is quite repetitive.

Levels and maps (8/10)

Very unique and interesting. That's all I can say about that.

Music and Sound (8/10)

Very clear sound and music. The music is simple and repetitive but it matches the world around it quite well. The sound is good but there is only one sound for most actions. For example, every time a character is shot it makes the same grunt.

Game play (9/10)

Excellent. Both the stylus and dual controls are easy to use, and the phenomenal game play is just as great as any other metroid game.

Multiplayer (10/10)

I would recommend this game mainly for the multiplayer. You and three friends (single card, multi-card, and wi-fi) can battle in over 20 arenas from adventure mode. This mode is probably just enough to buy this game.

I would recommend this game to:

-People who like easy first person shooters
-People who like multiplayer first person shooters.
-Anyone with access to Nintendo wi-fi connection

Another good reason to buy this game is because it is one of the few first person shooters for the nintendo DS.

If you purchase this game I hope you enjoy it and I hope this short review was helpful.