The best FPS on a handheld to date.

User Rating: 9 | Metroid Prime: Hunters DS
If you are a Metroid fan and you're looking for a new Metroid to hold you over for Mertoid Prime 3 this is not for you. Their basically nothing Metroid about this game apart form a little backtracking and the name, While the Metroid Prime games focused on having a great single player, Metroid Prime Hunters focuses on Multiplayer with the single player potion as an after thought.

In terms of graphics Hunters is great, the frame rate is solid and rarely dips and considering that there are 5 huge worlds throughout the game, short load times and upwards of half a dozen enemies on screen at one time, all while still looking good shows how graphically amazing this game is for the DS, even if it is somewhat grainy looking.

As for the Controls they are great using the styles to aim is great and makes shooting that much easier, and that's what makes this game leagues above any PSP shooter so far (MOH Heroes and COD) as well as being a great game.

The game's single player is pretty bad when compared to the console Metroids (even with taking in mind that it's a DS game), but when comparing it to other handheld shooters single player it holds up pretty well and while it may not be the cream of the crop it's still one of the better ones. But one part of the single player that shouldn't let you down in is its length, which for a fully 3D game is pretty damn good. First time though it should take you about 8 hours, but then afterwards, or at least for me this is halved as you now know all the ins and outs of the games puzzles everything.

But then the game also features WIFI battles with up to 4 people on and offline, which act as the meat of the game, and really if the game was released with only this WIFI features alone I would still stay it's worth the price tag. Yeah there that good (remember it's for a DS game though). Also from my experience it is lag free and also has a match making system that matches you up with people at your skill.

All in all this is not your traditional Metroid game, it's more of an Multiplayer focused FPS than anything really with the Metroid name stuck on, but it is still a great game and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great handheld FPS.