With some of the best controls ever in a console fps, and with some non stop action Metroid Prime 3 is a worthy end .

User Rating: 9 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
Metroid Prime 3 is the last Metroid game in the Prime trilogy. And Corruption is a great way to end it.

Gameplay- You control the silent bounty hunter Samus Aran on a quest to vaccinate the federations organic computers. Right away the action heats up with the federation being attacked by Pirate forces. The story is pretty interesting, and you will see many great areas like a Federation ship, a town floating high up in the clouds inhabited by robots, a "thorn" jungle, and the pirate wold itself including a few more areas. The controls for this game is superb. You basically use the wii remote to aim and shoot which feels very precise. Actually it is the best controls I have ever experienced on a console. This just shows what the Wii can do.
Graphics- While the graphics aren't that amazing technically, artistically the game looks awesome. Seeing the alien planets and races, the federation troopers, it all looks great. It even makes use of HDR in areas to make things look just that much better. Definently visually appealing to the eye.
Sound- While Samus herself doesn't talk, everyone else does and has full voice overs. You will especially notice this early on with the Federation Troopers. The game music is also great and top notch, giving you that alien feel.

All that said, Metroid Prime 3 is a worthy conclusion, and a great game and Wii owner and especially Metroid fans should pick up.