Metroid Prime 3 is not only one of the best FPS on the Wii, but it has the best use of Motion Controls as well.

User Rating: 9 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
While I've never played Prime 1 or 2, Samus is back. After some other alien related plots I'm not familiar with, Samus now must face the Space Pirates.
The Metroid games of late are have mostly been transformed from the classic 2D side scrolling platformers to a full FPS adventure. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption doesn't stray far from the path. You'll still solve puzzles and need to judge some jumps. However, the controls have changed. You now control the Iron Blaster with Wii Mote. You just aim and press A (Or for me B) to fire. You'll also need to move and twist the remote to solve various puzzles and even fly your own ship. And this is a great addition to the series.
Without much further ado, review:

Gameplay: As I have mentioned before, the motion controls make the game great. I can't compare it to previous entries in the series, but pointing to aim and turn is a welcome addition for me. The control scheme of A to shoot and B to jump is reversible (I personally recommend it), just go into option and switch them.
You'll still be rolling in a ball to get through small tunnels and tight spots. While the game can be a tad on the easy side (I died maybe 5 times), that isn't a terribly bad thing. Some puzzles can be confusing, and unless you scan your enemies, you'll be experimenting how to even damage them. But by and far, the boss battles are the best and most rewarding part. Slaving over your Wii Mote for 15 minutes, slowly chipping away at Ridley's health is as rewarding as ever. (9.5/10, Not perfection, but VERY good.)

Graphics: Simply put, you can't make a thread on this site asking about Wii graphics without this game getting mention. While the game isn't the best thing on market, the surprising lack of glitches and overall great visuals make you wonder how the game can keep accessing so many rooms without a large amount of loading time (Don't worry, there aren't any real loading screens). I absolutely can't find a complaint as far as graphics go. (10/10)

Story: Unlike most Nintendo games, Metroid Prime 3 does have a very nice driving force behind it. While it isn't very deep, the few characters you do interact with are constantly reminding you of their presence and importance. And the game isn't entirely this "One hero saves the world (Galaxy?)" effort, other will be helping you in a real time at several instances in the game. While the game isn't long, it can be if you want it to, and definitely is worthy of a second play through. (8.5/10 A little short. Good, not great.)

Soundtrack: The games soundtrack is memorable, and some tunes will get stuck in your head, but they tend to repeat themselves rather quick. You may get sick of Skytown's only over world theme, only because you'll spend a large amount of the game there. Once again, the boss themes are some of the best. Some the lesser boss' and mini-boss' themes get used multiple times, and while normal that isn't a bad thing, even simple bosses can take a notable amount of time. It is worth noting you can "buy" some of the games music from the main menu for some of the game's achievement tokens. (8/10 Memorable, but short.)

While Metroid Prime 3 can be a bit frustrating at points, the game plays well and looks great. On top of that there is a good driving force of a story and pretty darn good soundtrack. Final score: 9/10