Samus Aran returns....with nothing to make this franchise better.

User Rating: 7 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
With echoes of a decent sequel (Metroid Prime Echoes) left in my mind, I couldn't help but feel a little worried. Reason due to this is that Metroid Prime 2 studdered compared to its predecessor; The original Metroid Prime. And considering from the screenshots I saw, I felt like the series may have been headed in the wrong direction. Thankfully Retro pulled through...actually not really. In fact, MP3 does nothing steller for the series and actually becomes quite boring over time.

I honestly have never been a big Prime fan. And just as in the first two, you never completely feel immersed, or ever felt like you are indeed Samus Aran. This luckily with the Wii controls, Retro was able to make the player feel more that like Samus, and make them feel at home with it. The editors were right however, when they said, Retro has made the perfect FPS on the Wii and its hard to figure out why others have had so many problems with it. This my friends is true as the controls are not only spot on, but they have sweet little quirks with it. Like take for example, the grapple beam. You are now able to rip doors off with a quick throw, and yank of the wrist. And using levers with motion is for some reason, extremely fun. You are also now able to commandeer your ship to the fullest. Enter the ship, fiddle with the controls if you like and check on your corruption level. And you are no longer alone, you now have a few fellow bounty hunters by your side. Which now brings me to my next point; sound. The sound as always is great, but now, for once, they actually have full on voiceovers. Which mind you are decent at best. One other thing I have got to mention is the graphics. They look pretty good for the most part but they are still somewhat dissapointing especially when you look at games like Super Mario Galaxy.

This game falters however when they try to hard to include a storyline, which in the end sucks. They also didn't really reinvent anything here and almost everything feels recycled and re-hashed. Retro could've did more to have Samus go out with a bang but apparently since they figured they're series was going down the disposal they just said screw it. MP3 has potential and shows a lot of good things with the controls. But other than that, the gameplay did not immerse me, nor did it ever pull me in.