my favorite metroid prime game!

User Rating: 7.5 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
The Good: one of the best in the prime series, awesome graphics, great gameplay, fun lelevls, an overall awesome first person shooter!

The Bad: doesnt have any wifi.

Well this game is one of my favorite games on the wii, and actually is my favorite metroid prime game, the controls really just feals perfect for this game, the games not too long but at the same time not to short, its one of those games that u would expect to get done in a few weeks, but fifty bucks is alot of money, but believe me i would pay eighty bucs for this game!
if u are a metroid fan or just plain a first person shooter fan, this game will be the next level in the fps gen! this game didnt just work on graphics obviously the games speaks for its self, but i do reccomend a game guide for some parts because the game isnt the best explainer
i give this game for the first time in my reviewing history i will give it a...9.5!
yes i hav givin some games 10's before but never have i gave a game a 7.5!!! :)