Finally, I know what the hell I'm doing.

User Rating: 8.5 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
I know some of you hardcore gamers out there trashed me for my review of the first Metroid Prime game, but this is a definite improvement over the previous installments, so read the review before you pass judgement, please.

Here we go with another breakdown.

Graphics: The graphics are generally impressive. The frame-rate is high and the graphics are smooth and glossy, not an easy thing to achieve. Extreme activity on the screen hardly reduces the frame-rate, only minor reduction can be seen.

Controls: The controls are excellent, smooth and have given me no problems so far.

Gameplay: Metroid Prime 3 exceeds its predecessors for simple reasons. The map in the previous installments made finding everything you needed to advance a great frustration, but this time around the maps are broken up by planet and you are given much more guidance than before. For example, you will be told to search a certain planets terrain, and if you can't find it you know that you just haven't looked hard enough. Before you might have guessed that you are looking in the wrong place, but not here. I'd have to be one heck of a better reviewer to describe -exactly- what makes this one better, but please bear with me.

Boss Fights, here we go. These fights are much less aggravating than that of the previous games, by which I mean you actually have a chance of beating them the first time around. What makes these fights great is that the boss doesn't get harder each time, but that each fight requires some thinking and a certain method to beat them. It doesn't just get harder as you go along.

Alright, the negatives, let's go.

The map can still be a bit confusing on the downside from simple optical illusions (the map is a 3D clear model).

Some advancement aspects are a bit lame, like the green ledges. For those of you who don't know, the green ledge is something you can grab onto and pull yourself up. Want to pull yourself up on a normal ledge? No can do.

Some of these puzzles can be a bit annoying. Instead of feeling like a definite maze you can tell that a lot of these were created to simply make the game last longer.

Bottom Line: The bottom line is that this game is worth trying out. If you feel like the previous Prime games gave you hell, you might enjoy this one. Adios.