This is an amazing final adventure to the prime series.

User Rating: 9.5 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Released: Aug/27/07. Difficulty: Just Right.
Developed by: Retro Studios. Learning curve: 1:00- 1:30.
Published by: Nintendo. Platforms: Wii.

Pros: +Wonderful art design and graphics; +Amazing and will thought out bosses; +Will thought out level design; + Very intuitive controls that fit will with the Wii.

Cons: -Not the lengthiest game; -May take time to get use to the controls. –Less adventures as the past "Metroid Primes" -Game elements make the game too easy at times. Review.

After the many years of waiting since the first trailer from Nintendo and Retro Studios back in 2004; and the delay from being a launch game for the Wii. We finally get to play it. This game is the long awaited sequel "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption". As we all know our galactic bounty hunter "Samus Aran" is back in the final installment of the Prime series. This time Dark Samus has unleashed a dark corruption among the universe and its up to "Samus" and the Galactic Federation to stop it. Now that we got a small bit of the plot explained lets move on to the actual game itself. Metroidpolis.

Will, as we all know the graphics for the prime series have always been some of the best in gaming. With large highly detailed areas, well textured characters, enemies, and items. But does "Corruption" live up to what its predecessors have done? The answer is yes. The graphic in "Corruption" are some of the best that gaming at this time can make, with smooth animations and textures making the world really seem realistic and more intractable unlike we have seen in many games. The worlds are crawling with life with vegetation and wild life in all areas along with enemy and alloy CPU's making the world more life like then its past games. With that being said the only real problem that "Corruption" spits back at us is that its not quite up to what people are expecting in "Next-Gen Graphics" and seeing that these are only a tiny step up form the "Xbox's" capabilities; People tend to crap on it like they had there ass locked up for several years. But since I'm not one to care for graphics to a point other then they have a nice art style, so I say shag them and not care for once.

Now as we all know the programmers and artist down at 'Retro" are some of the best artist I have seen when it comes to gaming. Which is a hard thing to do with the gaming industry since a large majority of game developers have amazing artists. But retro seem to have a thing when it comes to the Prime series, they bring so much life into the games that its almost to much. Self Control Man! Now that I have explained the graphical beauty of "Corruption" lets move on to the most important part of a game... the gameplay. I find this part to me the most important mostly because, will its the reason the games are fun though people seem to forget that...moving on. So as we know from the past Prime games the game play was fairly will done with some intractable object and items that helped you on your way through. But when it comes to "Corruption" it kicks their ass all up and down the street. The gameplay in this game has improved significantly from the past games and introduces us to new things we haven't really done in many games. Such as ripping of shields with the Nunchuk or using levers to operate machinery. But the most impressive thing would be the function of the ship and how it plays apart of the game helping you with different assignments. Zap'em Will with the gameplay explained; its best we talk about the controls since what's gameplay without it. As well all have figured out the Wii's controls for FPS has been pretty bad with the release of half ass shooters such as "Red Steel", "Farcry" and "Call of Duty 3" there hasn't been much to praise for the Wii. But is there finally an end for this disappointment? Has there actually been a good game setup for FPS's? Will "Corruption" be this game? Will the answer in my review and many others is yes. Yes there, as finally been a game that has controls that show the Wii's true potential for this genre. The aiming with the Wiimote is slick and superb along with many of the other controls such as the grapple beam that works almost perfectly and the controls for turning levers. The only thing I can say is that the grappling and turning could of used a bit more tuning cause it sometimes isn't as smooth as it can be. The lock on ability its still in "Corruption" like in the past games but this time its been improved. You now have the ability to lock on to one enemy and dodge incoming attacks but this time you can attack other people while doing this. This making it easier to kill multiple enemies but can take a while to get use to due to the Wiimote. How's she talk' in? As we all know there are now voiceovers in this game (not including Samus) giving the game a completely different way of playing. With added in voices for the troopers and other main characters, it allows us to pay attention to the action instead of having to read long messages and missing them. This is also a first for a main Nintendo game to have voiceovers. Since they have always been done with text; so to see this done gives me great relief towards the people that keep complaining about reading like its against the law (personally I never was bothered with reading since it would be hard to picture some of there games with voiceovers.) The Major Decision. Overall Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is an incredible game that was worth the delay to play. Even though there a few minor problems I had with it; it still holds up to a amazing sequel and end to this wonderful trilogy by "Retro" and "Nintendo" and I hope we see another attempt towards a 3D Metroid game again in the near future. This being said I make this a solid "BUY" for anyone with a Wii or is looking for something to play due to the lack of games this summer.

Written by: ddman009.
Date: September 10, 2007.

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