A Awesome Wii Game, You Got To Get It!!!

User Rating: 10 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
The game play is awesome, i love it when you shoot the aliens but the part i don't hate but in times makes me die is when i point the wii remote and i move it all the way to the left and the wiimote loses signal and you are going in circles in in a boss fight i was very close to dying and then i went in circles and then the boss hit me and i died, i am not saying mean thing i am trying to type something, so don't get mad at me, i am not disrespecting Metroid i love Metroid and this game i think is the best of the series and with the wii remote it make it better, and when i play it this game reminds me of Halo 2 for some reason...i think it is the shooting aliens :P
i say this game is hard because in boss fights i like the feeling you get like in the second boss (i think) and you fall like 5000 feet or something and you have to kill it, i killed the boss at like 700 feet and i loved that boss cause when it bit you and it blured out and just everything was cool! :D
THE GRAPHIC ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i first put the game in and played it the graphics blew me miles away :P :lol: when you are in levels the details are hugely awesome, it made me look like this... :shock:
When i play this game it feels like 360 graphics :P i am not kidding it feels good and i like it Sound:
The sound is great, in some parts it is close to Halo music, like the group aaaaaaaaaaaa or whatever :P it is close to Halo but it is cool, and the music during boss fights is like dramatic music, it made me jumping in my seat :D