The third prime game offers some new stuff, but it also takes some stuff away.

User Rating: 9 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
The metroid prime games are the rebirth of the metroid franchise in 3-d in case you've ben in never never land.The third game in the series offers some cool new stuff.It also takes away some stuff, but on the whole its a real solid package,and just a very cool and must own game for the wii.

Let me start of with the visuals,sound and the controls.The visuals really show off the wii's power.The wii is not as high powered as the 360 and the ps 3 obviously.Still it is more powerful than all the last gen consoles despite what you might have heard.You can see a change in the visuals in this third title and it looks really good in 480p on a HDTV.The details are really good,the massive scope of the worlds all comes to life better than ever.Samus even looks better as do all the enemies.It even features some high contrast lighting and a few other nifty effects.Least to say its not light years ahead of the previous two games but it is ahead of them thanks to the more powerful wii.

The sound is great and what you would expect from the metroid series.The beams all let loose with cracks and snaps.The battles sound furious and the theme music for the worlds is just great.

The biggest change in the game though is for sure the controls.It takes some time to get used to but once you start to get it down, you realize that the wiis controls are not just gimmicks.The controls work really well and even lend the third title a really cool new feel.Everything is spot on, retro really did an outstanding job with the controls.

Another thing thats changed is the direction of the story.This is a good and a bad thing.You get a better story I guess but at the expense of loosing the creepy isolated feeling that has ben a part of the metroid series since the first.There are lots of voice overs,and the story is cool.Like I said though it kinda detracts from the atmosphere that the first two in the series had.

The gameplay is kinda the same but its more focused on action this time.Yes there are puzzles and areas to explore but like I said they made it more action packed.Doing this in a sense makes it feel closer to a first person shooter with metroid elements.They walk a fine line with this one.This also helps to bring the atmosphere down a little.Still yet its an awsome game and you will have lots of fun playing it.

So while not as atmospheric as the first two,which is kind of a bummer, the third one still brings its fair share to the table.The new controls are a blast and make it feel new,and the action is just great.This is for sure a must own wii title.