Solid game for Metroid fans and newcomers alike.

User Rating: 8 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption WII
This was the first Metroid game I have ever played. I didn't like initially as I found it to be fairly difficult. I didn't know the Metroid story at all so diving into the game right away was a bit confusing. To be fair, I read about Samus and her story after beating the game. Nonetheless, it was a very interactive and enjoyable game with amazing controls. The only gameplay issues I experienced were that sometimes you would have to wait for about 20 seconds for a door to open. Boss battles were very thrilling and weren't too easy or hard. The main story was pretty good until you get near the end of the game and have to go do a ridiculous side quest. The quest really takes away from the epic conclusion the game was building up to. Overall, this is still a great game and I would recommend this game. I look forward to playing another Metroid game.