Just not what I expect from a Metroid game

User Rating: 4 | Metroid: Other M WII
Well first off the story though told very well, shows way too much cut scenes without the ability to just skip them and play the game.

Also if your not into japanese anime skip this! It's why I do not like the game mostly I'm not for this style of game none of the other metroid games are so why this one?

The controls really are needing a lot of work. Nothing feels smooth it's all jagged and sharp, you will need to turn up the brightness a lot for some levels since they are so dark you cant see much of the place. You can go in a fps mode but you cant move which takes away the feeling all together and is frustrating since you will almost always get hit! you cant even control the camera.

Enemies do not look that impressive. Very bland character models and enemy models you no longer get the cool bug goo on your visor or steam or anything like that. The enviroments are nothing much to gape at as they look pretty bland too compared too the other games Primes especially. There are no more scanning beast and other objects to learn more about the story and it's not even creepy like some areas are in the other games

Music not satisfying like in the other games.

Voice acting is also extremely poor.

Overall this game is a very big let down too me, Team Ninja just were not up to the standards of the last games they wanted an anime and thats what they did too it and I'm disgusted byt hat fact that they would change it so completely. If you really want an awesome experience play the Primes and even the older 2d games which are very well done as well.

Basiclly do yourself a favor and skip this, I dont count this as a metroid game, it feels nothing like one. Graphics aren't even the problem, it's the story, majorly Samus she does not feel at all like she did in the other games, music sucks, hate the characters...I didn't play it for more than a hour before I decided I had enough. Shes a wimpy character in this I mean you have to be given permission to KICK ASS!!!!!!! I was disgusted