This game killed metroid in it's entirety

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Just look at this board...the original metroid prime game still has something going on in their I think havne't checked but it's been somewhat active for many years, yet look at this piece of sh!t excuse of a game? The devs for this game killed any hope I have of this series being awesome ever again. Hell corruption was pretty badass but it got somewhat boring too complicated with stupid controlls I still haven't beaten it, in fact only metroid game I ahve completely beaten is metroid prime...honestly it's teh only one really worth playing through over and over....getting nastalgic just thinking about it.

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The controls on this game does take some getting use to, especially when you can use speed booster and do a long jump to get to those hard places. I managed to beat the game hence I only got 71% of items found, I actually like this game. The storyline is somewhat confusing but interesting. I've never played Metroid Prime Hunters on Gamecube, I must check it out. So have you ever beaten the game on super nintendo, I speak of Super Metroid. Great game! I finished that and got 100% of items.
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Sorry for super late reply but no. I dont have the game or super nintendo, I have the original nes though, I have it on the wii but...I didn't get al that far. It's a bit of a grind and just not as much fun as playing a game I can enjoy with someone else like Halo. I would rather play metroid prime than any of the other games to be honest. I am very nastalgic over that game, I remember first playing it and being truly amazed at the atmosphere and graphics, nto to mention how challenging and fun it still is. Sometime I will have to play through that game again but it's more fun when you got someone to watch you.

I never did get this game againa nd never will. I dont like the anime style, the story takes away the bad ass no nonsense heart of samus. This makes her look so wimpy and girly that I couldn't stomache it. If I were a girl I would be rather insulted, hell even as a guy Im insulted I grew up with Samus being a bad ass women who can do the job alone and never needed permission for anything!

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I just hope Nintendo doesn't decide to ditch Metroid for another 8 years because of this game's sales

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Honestly dont see another metroid being released, it's not on their list of games to do.  Frankly if they cant do better than Metroid Prime dont care, I'll just keep replaying that masterpiece.