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Hopefully this is the forum to ask for help. Don't want too much help here, just enough for me to go, "Oh yeah, stupid!" and then get on gaming with minimum spoil. Dig? So I'm playing Metroid Other M and have been running around Sector 1 for what seems like an eternity and I can't get anywhere. Argh! I renlent and am now asking for help. Help please! I'm obviously missing something.

If this helps, I'm at the room right after a save portal room. This portal room conatins a door you blow open with a super bomb which if you go that way, leads down a corridor flanked by evil dinosaur baddies which you can't shoot. Anyway, in this next room there's a door in the upper left corner, that appears after I turn off the environmental illusion controls. This door can only be open with a super missle. I ain't gots super missle capability, do I? My controller doesn't seem to think so. In fact, I've run into several doors I can't open without the super missles. How do I get super missle capability?! If I missed it, I can only backtrack so far because I can't get back up the "slippery" downgrades so I'm running in circles. I see some glowing blue dots on my map screen indicating items, but damn if I can find them even when I'm right on top of the dots!

Did I miss the super missle upgrade, did I miss a room I should be in, am I a douche? Help! Thanks.

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Here I'll help...stop playing it forever.  Though you probably already have since no one discusses this piece of garbage.


Also int he other topic toot he guy that said Metroid Prime are a F'ing moron.  That is easily the best game in the entire series!  I love the look of super metroid but it's too confusing for my taste way too large, I prefer the fps metroid but then I love Halo with a passion the first game anyways ya library level sucked blah blah blah every game has a bad level or 2 the rest were amazing fun.

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I am new to the game myself, and really wish I could be of more help...the only thing I can offer is that there is an entire playlist on Youtube which gives the rundown of the game and how to get past the tough areas. HOWEVER, it doesn't show how to get the tricky items, just the ones which are probably easy enough to get on your own. It shows nothing as far as I know on how to get---Super Missile, Super Bomb, Grapple Beam, or Super/Fast slide. The author of the playlist is capoland.