A step up but still leaves a lot to be desired

User Rating: 6 | Metro: Last Light Redux XONE

Despite my disappointment with 2033, I decided to give Last Light a chance because I did buy it after all so why the heck not? I will say that this game is a step up from 2033 and did not utterly disappoint me.

Storywise, It picks up soon after the ending of 2033 and it's pretty solid for the most part. It's a bit more interesting than the previous game but can leave you a bit lost at times if you don't follow the story utterly and completely. I am a bit disappointed that some pretty solid characters pretty much dropped off the face of the earth after a few missions though. Being a silent protagonist isn't easy and these other main characters really help keep the story going and provide solid dialogue. It's a shame that they didn't keep them around more in the game as that would fill a lot of dead space where nothing is really going on in the game or with the story.

The gameplay is pretty much the same. Nothing has changed from the previous game so there's nothing really worth mentioning here. Visually, There's still a bit to be desired as well. It's not as sharp or as detailed as I hoped it would be considering it's been a couple years since the previous game. Environments are rather repetitive looking and boring and there really isn't much to explore in this game as a majority of missions are pretty much point a to point b.

And going into the missions, I am a bit disappointed with the layouts. Some will be really short, Maybe a quick cutscene or involve you walking from the start of a base to the end of it in order to get somewhere, It kind of sucks. You don't really need to have that filler and I still feel that they are missing out by not having these bases act as a hub of some kind where you can interact with NPCs and do side missions for them. It seems like a waste to have these little filler missions and not be able to do anything in them. I mean, The campaign isn't long. A bit longer than the previous game for sure but at the most, Maybe 6-7 hours. Add a bit more content in there, Make it worth exploring this world and learning about it. That's where the magic is gonna happen and that is gonna keep people interested in the long haul.

Aside from all that, Nothing else is really going on. There are a few one-off missions to play, Which are challenging and fun to play. There's nothing else to do aside from playing the campaign. Needless collectables are scattered throughout for no reason what so ever. Nothing really different from the previous game.

Overall: 6/10
Last Light is a step up in some ways. It's a bit longer, Tells a better story but there's still a lot to be desired.