"Slightly" better than its predecessor.

User Rating: 8 | Metro: Last Light Redux PS4

The story is good and in comparison to Metro 2033, it's slightly better.

The things new about this game is that is has a "short review" of the controls and mechanics before it sets you to play the campaign. In a good sense, this is good if you're a newbie in the series, and if you've played its predecessor Metro 2033, you can say that it's an improvement from the devs. The shooting mechanics are good as usual, you still get to shoot the monsters except this time there are some sort of boss fights which is worth the challenge.

Although yes, even though this game got a good review from most gamers, this game still has some turnoffs for me. Like I said in my review in Metro 2033. The hints bar is still "Self explanatory" it's virtually useless in game and therefore makes the map pathfinding still tricky as its predecessor. Also because of that, you get to end up in a dead end not knowing what to do - which is pretty annoying especially the player uses an oxygen game mechanic. Also a turnoff is some glitches, it was kind of a let down that I had to restart a checkpoint because of a glitch.