A hauntingly beautiful FPS experience.

User Rating: 8 | Metro: Last Light Redux PC

Metro: Last light is a sequel to the 2010's Metro 2033, a game that is one of the most criminally underrated FPS of our generation in my humble opinion. It takes place about one year after the events of the previous part. Artyom returns as the protagonist and we are accompanied along with some other familiar faces like Khan and Miller. This time around, story focus is more on the political problems, rivaling factions and imminent WAR, that could very threaten the existence of every living soul in the metro. While this didn't have that feel of saving everyone from an unknown threat of the first part and that clear focus, it certainly added more layers to the world. However, the narrative did struggle a bit during the half point. Just felt like it was unfocused and muddled for a while. Good thing it got back on track soon after.

The hauntingly beautiful atmosphere returned. Developer 4A Games have showed it again that they excel at creating a post apocalyptic world where hopelessness, emptiness and helplessness thrives. Lonely tunnels and pathways of metro felt ominous, creepy and downright scary. The wide expanse of the outside world was eerily beautiful, harsh and tense. The towns were meticulously detailed with what remains of the human civilization, doing whatever they can to keep life going. All this combined to create a wonderful world which you REALLY feel.

The devs modified their engine which powered 2033 and optimized it alot. This resulted it in a less buggy and much better running game than what 2033 was. The graphics of this game were all round beautiful. One heck of a good looking game. Tons of attention given to tiny details, which increased the immersion level.

The gameplay was also improved. The gun play, especially, felt more smoother and fluid. A nice addition was that you could modify your guns now, tailoring them to your needs. The stealth also felt better and levels were better crafted for it. The A.I, though improved, was still troublesome and buggy. I sometimes found enemies just standing/sitting in a corner, doing nothing but waiting for me to knock them out.

In the end, this game again shows that no matter how bad the situation gets, mankind ends up being their own worst enemy. As to quote Fallout 3, "WAR, WAR Never Changes."