Exemplary. Best portrayal of post apocalyptic world in underground Moscow.

User Rating: 9 | Metro: Last Light PC

Metro: Last Light feels very realistic, the story is brilliant and well narrated. Even the side stories you hear of characters talking to each other and their expressions and the fear in it, is all palpable. Metro Last Light puts you as Artyom again in this marvelous follow up sequel. Directly one year after the events of Metro 2033, this one is a scary, realistic, gritty and hauntingly beautiful desperate world of underground Moscow that seems to be on the brink of a war.

You feel compelled as you walk around the underground cities to listen to people talk as it highlights the ongoing tension, a sense of urgency and talks about survival. Some of them are genuinely funny.

While above ground the scene is apocalyptic as you see the remains of a city destroyed to the last bit. The mangled piles of cars, dead trees, broken houses and apartments, dirty pools of water with radiation, crumpled streets and above all the lingering demons and mutants as they stalk you and scare you with their sounds so that you are actually moving around trying to make sense of direction and at the same time making sure that the filter of your gas mask still has enough time before it needs a change.

You see the timer ticktock on your gas mask and you know its surface, so you have to hurry through the ruins and take care not to be pulled in the dark waters and fight along the mutants. The difficulty level is decent enough. The human AI is quite average in terms of the fact that when you apply stealth you can quickly move around stabbing foes with the nearest one a mere 5 feet away and not noticing his buddy go down.

Metro Last Light's weapons are realistic and you have to be careful about ammo lest you run out of it. The currency used to purchase ammo and guns or to upgrade your weapons is standard military grade rounds which compels you to explore the dark areas with your flashlight and every room and corner so that you are equipped to handle the threat. The story is also pushed forward by the notes Artyom collects during the missions. The Reds, Reich, Hansa and the Sparta Order are the 4 groups in underground Moscow that compete for resources and play a vital role in the story. The story builds up in the starting with less action and more and more description of the bleak and grotesque dangers that are soon to come. Once the action starts its a chilling ride and a satisfied action adventure package enveloped to give you an experience worth the memory.

The desolate and post apocalyptic world portrayed makes this game a winner through and through, marred only slightly by the erratic AI. Amazing story, action and graphics and the tense atmosphere makes you immersed in Artyom's world.