Just buy this game and enjoy....that's what's all about isn't it?

User Rating: 9 | Metro: Last Light PC

I am not famous or anything close to it but some people have given me thumbs up in the past which tells me am not alone when analysing and liking games.

User reviews always confuse me; they are so emotional and sometimes even ill conceived. They remind me discussion primary schoolers would have during recess. But yet again why wouldn't they be right? Many reviewers are kids (by age or by right) and games bring up emotions.

As the title implies, you either enjoy a game or you don’t.

I particularly left the room and stop playing the game only because of work. If possible I would have finished the game in one day. This alone tells me that whatever the game pros and cons are, it’s a game am loving and I enjoy.

I know that if some of my friends like a game, I may not since we don't have the same taste. So let’s see if my game score will help you decide whether it’s worth buying the game or not:

You enjoy feeling immersed in a game and being part of a story?

You highly regard atmosphere, great graphics and an appealing story?

You love mixing open shooting with stealth gameplay?

Then this is a game for you.

If you are like me the story makes a big percentage of any game, so you would have given Amnesia 9+ and Left4dead 2 (I played it literally < 5 minutes)

Hope it helps