angry joe's review

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haha - he's so right : they give you less and less for paying more and more ..

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Your mileage may vary. ;)

That remark aside, I personally don't like sequestering of game features behind a paywall of any kind.

However, back to the issue of Angry Joe's review, I doubt he would please all of his followers who like the Metro franchise. Hopefully, this will be a reminder to them that Angry Joe doesn't have to tell them what they want to hear.

On the other hand, I am glad that Angry Joe, for one, is not forgiving enough to swallow Deep Silver's excuses. Yet, I would caution you, tomkat69pc, against treating his review as gospel, just because he's telling you what you want to hear.

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just watched the rant.  i didnt pre-order it, and now ill have to pay $5 for hard mode?  .....for hard mode?  i was going to pick this up tomorrow because it sounded like an awesome game, but i think ill skip it for no other reason than principle.  what bullsh*t!

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Hard mode would probably just piss me off anyway. I'm renting it tonight and going to just play through it and try to enjoy the game.
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Play the game and if you really like it, why not give them the extra 4.99$ to increase the chances for a sequel.  I don't necessarily agree about the DLC, but if you can afford paying ~70$ in-store for the game, the extra 4.99$ won't change much.  The decision was not made by 4A.  Yes they could probably have fought it, but I loved the first game and am loving this one and I want to encourage them.  4.99$ won't put a hole in my poket.  What would you do with it anyways?  You would probably have spent it for half the price of a cheap combo at a fast food (I'm not targeting -you- in particular).

As the commenter above implied, ~ >80% of buyers wouldn't even play through Ranger mode anyways.  They might have tried it for a few hours but would have given up.  It's for the hardcore gamers.  Hardcore gamers -should- know that to ensure the likeliness of a sequel, a studio needs their game to make monAy $$. 

"But that's not the point".  Yes it is.  Get over it.  Or just cry about it and go play your normal mode.

Limited editions are still in a lot of stores anyway, as leftovers from pre-orders.  If you're so dedicated about the game AND outraged by the cost of the DLC, go find a store that still has it included.

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its already on the disc dlc.......
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its already on the disc dlc....... firedrakes

Source, please. That said, it would be scandalous if this is true.

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I loved metro 2033 so much but i had to buy ranger hardcore as dlc and i didn't hear anybody complain then so as a hardcore fan i pre-ordered metro last light because i wanted it so much and having the advantage of not having to pay the extra 5$ as dlc.I also want to say is that hardcore was a lot harder then ranger hardcore in metro 2033 so its NOT a difficulty but a more tense game-play.I cant understand why a lot gamer's make such a problem for 5$ that's a joke if you are a fan and Its just stupid not following metro last light before its releasedate!!! F41RPL4Y&G4M34L1F3
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Difficulties are suppose to be included in the actual game. If they're putting difficulty settings in DLC, and people are still buuying the game and DLC, think of what other Developers will take out of the actual game and charge for DLC.
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It was a dlc in metro 2033 so would you want that dlc now to be for free?!?Oh yes if they would pay me the dlc back from metro 2033 i would have a problem but not now it's not the first time!!!Imagine all the dlc from the last game must be free!!!LOL.
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If I hadn't preordered it would really tick me off. It's not a good decision to do this on their part as it is a game mode and not some misc rifle or outfit that you can do without. Ranger mode is simply a difficulty setting and that is something that should not be charged for.

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i didnt preorder and it came on the disc

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It started out as supposedly preorder only, but day of launch and thereafter Ltd Ed copies with Ranger Mode were being sold for the same price. Maybe Angry Joe and his madding crowd of fans made them panic. LOL

What's funny is even if you just make a lot of copies that say Ltd Ed on them with Ranger Mode at the same price, they're going to sell a lot of those copies full price anyway out of people fearing how long they'll be available. I think that is more clever than the preorder idea because you get full price sales both before and after launch. 

That said, they should have never included Ranger Mode as part of the Ltd Ed perks. It did nothing but piss off the hardcore Metro fans.