This game was just too hard, eaven on the EASY level of difficulty. Certain missions were impossible to do solo.

User Rating: 3 | Metro 2033 PC
I was looking forward to this game when I first read about it. It seemed like an interesting concept although it also had a FALLOUT feel to it. I bought the game, and have 2 main gripes...first, I didn't like the fact that being a STEAM game, I had to download STEAM as well as the game itself. Secondly, I felt the game was too hard. I played on the easiest difficulty level (as I usually do on my first play through of a game), and kept dying over and over in the same place. I tried different weapons, tactics, and strategies all to no avail. I feel the number of enemies, and the frequency of their attacks was too much to solo, and should have been lessened for the easy level.
Other than that, I liked the game. Graphically it had that gritty, noir, post-apocalypse feel and look. The storyline seemed interesting, wondering why the enemies psionic attacks didn't seem to affect you,and wondering what you would find at the next station. It was a good game, just too hard for me.