Good Game - Metro 2033 REDUX

User Rating: 7 | Metro: 2033 Redux PC

Beautiful game

Graphics: 7.5 good graphics.

Atmosphere: 7,5 - Good atmosphere with some mission based peaks

Story: 6 - It was kinda difficult to follow - I did not read the books

Sound: 7. Not really worth remembering, but it had a couple of levels with great music

Gameplay: 8 Great AI for it's time, monster variety on the other hand was rather small but every monster with it's own attacking strategy which kept you on edge.

Setting: 7 - Dark post-apocalyptic Moscow metro. It looked pretty good. Graphics did not really impress on the Moscow surface though.

Characters: 5 No characters that you would remember after finishing the game, I barely remember my in-game character's name. There were some good jokes and dialogues, but not enough for immersion or character attachment.