Not much is going on

User Rating: 4 | Metro: 2033 Redux XONE

I just wanna start off by saying I like the Metro games but I am still very disappointed by the lack of pretty much everything in this game.

Metro 2033 features only the campaign and only takes about 4-5 hours to beat. Maybe a little more if you are trying to stealth your way through, Maybe a little less if you are rushing and just gunning your way through the game. It really depends but on average, It's gonna take at the most 5 hours. So when it originally came out, You are paying a full retail price for 4-5 hours of gameplay and at the most maybe 15-20 if you are looking to get every achievement. Personally, No game is worth buying if you give so little and charge so much and that's why I waited until I got it deeply discounted ($8 in a bundle with Last Light) before buying it. So that docks a lot of points for me. If you aren't gonna offer content that makes it necessary to charge such a high price for your game then maybe you shouldn't be making video games.

Moving on from that small rant, Sorry. Metro 2033 isn't a bad game, I'm not saying that from my low score. I just think it could offer way more than what it does. I am not much of a fan of the storyline. There's no real backstory, No character development as you really meet no characters that stick around the entire time and the ending is a slow build that just doesn't really satisfy me. And the gameplay kind of has me on the fence as well. I like it but I also feel that the combat could be a lot more defined and tightened up than what it was. It was the inconsistency that really got me: The same enemy you could kill with one shot could also take half a clip to kill. It was annoying frustrating at times dealing with that and something I hope the fix in the next game.

There are a few collectables thrown in to tack onto the total time, The moral point system is a nice touch as it entices people who like the story to play again for the "good" ending but it can be a little frustrating at times because you have to be spot on with it in order to get that ending. Visually, It's kind of a bland looking game. The environments look nice but it lacks the sharp looking quality I expect from games today. And that about sums it up.

Overall: 4/10
Metro 2033 could have done so much more than what it offers IMO. If their goal was to just make this a simple campaign experience then they should have charged a far lower price than what they did but at the original asking price, It wasn't worth checking out and it still isn't. They should have done a lot more with this game than they did.