Still has the same charm as ever.

User Rating: 9 | Metro 2033 X360

I played it on my PC years ago and now I played it on my XBOX360 and all I can say the game is awesome, though seven years have passed since its release. It has the same creepy atmosphere as ever and the graphics seemed better on my smart TV than on my monitor. It has creepy moments and, as Artyom, you'll encounter many enemies, both anomalies and human. The humans are really hard to shoot down, because they flank you and you need many bullets to finish them. The ammo is scarce and you must use it properly.

The monsters are hellish as ever and they they swarm you, and that would be a difficulty for the gamer. You encounter allies along the way and it's a great pleasure to fight alongside them

If you loved the old STALKER games, you'll fall in love with this one once again.