I would have been a millionaire if it hadn't been for Metal Slug.

User Rating: 9.1 | Metal Slug ARC
So one day I was down at the swimming pool, which had an arcade, though not at the pool. They had three arcade machines, one of which was known as a Neo-Geo. The game playing on the machine was King of Fighters (also a great game), but on the machine, there was a button which said select. I pressed the button and it changed the game to Metal Slug. Immediately as I saw the game, I knew I had to try it. So I innocently put in a coin, and got a credit. Since then I have never stopped putting coins in it.

First of, then game is fast, and requires some quick reaction. It is very reminiscent of Contra, so if you liked that game, you'll probably like this. And like Contra, this game is hard, very hard, in fact there should be created a new difficulty named Metal Slug. I have never completed the game under 15 credits, which is trés expensive. But despite it's difficulty, it's still very fun, because of all the weapons and bosses you'll encounter throughout the game.

The graphics are colourful and very smooth, this game must have some of the smoothest animation ever. The graphics are also hilarious, from the enemies running in fear to your victory pose. This is when we started to see polygon games in the arcades, so the 2D graphics where beginning to disappear. But the graphics where still beautiful, and really helped to establish the environment.

Best soundtrack ever! This is the only way you can describe the soundtrack. The game has the best music I have ever heard in any videogame. The music is upset, and very well composed. Not only os the music superb, but the sound effects are also awesome. From the enemies screaming to the sound effects when your picking up a weapon.

As fun as it is in single-player, its twice as fun with a friend. However when you play with a friend, you probably end up trying to get more points than him, rather than trying to complete the game with each other’s help. So if you ever walk past a arcade-machine with an select button, press it, it may give you the best time of your life.