this game is fun and addictive needs a bit more improvements.

User Rating: 8 | Metal Slug 7 DS
Metal slug is one of those cult classic series and this one is no exception. Metal slug 7 goes back to the same things that made this game great.There are ony two game modes in the game the main mission mode and the added combat school.The main mission mode is like the arcade game with 8 missons and three diffcultys.Combat school is series of smaller missions but with a standard.Altough those might be tho only two game mode's its quite fun.Theres also a ranking mode which is after you beat or die in misson mode post your highest score so you can show your freinds you kick ass.Also theres a POW(prissers of war) list i don't know why thats a addtion to the which is no use at all.The original characters are in this game along with tow more addtion ralf jones and his brother in arm clark still.In may opinon ralf is the best character becauseit takes twice the times more to die.This game could get a bit oftune up's like wireless coop,more missons and the zombie level!!!.The price for metal slug is 20 bucks but a cupple weeks ago at game stop was 15 bucks but i got it for a steal for 2.30 (after trading guitar hero on tour) so if your a big fan of metal slug or not you should buy this game.