A great game to have after gamestop lowered the price to $15

User Rating: 7.5 | Metal Slug 7 DS
This is a classic game of all Metal Slug titles. The game comes with new added slugs, seen in Mission 6 when you have to fight a boss with the same identical slug. The graphics are excellent and the shooting and killing is like any other games, making it the same as other titles.

The game also revives those non-life creatures such as the piranha plant in Mission four. However, the game gives you a slug for it and the fire weapon to burn those creatures. That is fun. But in mission two there are those underground thing that have like rats coming out of the air chasing you and that is not fun as I really don't like those fantasy things.

The game gives four credits in normal mode Each credit gives three lives and after using the four credits, you have a game over. The easy mode is something I would not recommend to anyone because it highly boring. Hard mode is something for professionals. The game gives you two credits instead of four. Game doesn't get harder. Combat school is very boring as you have to do a mission to complete an objective. I just ignored it, since all objectives required doing a certain mission.

The fun part of the game is the mission mode. The mission mode is fairly short and easy and it gets boring after a while. This game is fun to play when getting bored and that when I would recommend this game.