I love metal slug. This one is great while it lasts! But it is just too short and there is no Co-op.

User Rating: 7.5 | Metal Slug 7 DS
Out of nowhere the Metal Slug franchise came out with a new game. Of course, I picked up a copy as soon as I could. Here is what I thought.

Good- Its Metal Slug successfully put on the DS. Graphics are still great. Game play is as crazy as ever. Many characters.

Bad- Way, way, way to short. Combat training is dumb. No Co-op.

Okay so I was surprised when I heard about a new Metal Slug back in October. I recently went out and bought it when I got the money. I was not expecting much and I did not get much. I love the Slug series but there is just not enough to this game. It is incredible Metal Slug fun while it lasts But there is no Co-op and it is only like and hour or two long. But it does have tons of replay value.

This new combat training mode is useless and all you do is replay the levels with new objectives. But it does give you a few extra hours of game play.

Overall a bit disappointing but still crazy Metal Slug fun!