Obviously the best in the series and obviously the hardest.

User Rating: 9 | Metal Slug 7 DS
I'd recommend this game to whoever likes change and to whoever likes challenge and this game is full of that. The game play is addictive, the music is awesome, and probably the best thing about it is that unlike the other metal slug games you can get game overs so it should take you more than a day to beat it. What bothers me about the game is the touch screen, all it does is show you what the rest of the level looks like from where your standing to the end. The game is something what i least expected, the very hard difficulty and new choice of weapons is a good comeback to the previous games in the series. Its very different from the original metal slug games but that's what makes the game so good, its also good to know that SNK made this game while still ignoring the canceled 3D metal slug game, after playing the 3D contra games on the playststion i dont even want to know what that game would be like.