Setting the bar for action game.

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid PS

Metal Gear Solid is one of the most popular video game in history. I will show you why it deserves it's praise.

Gameplay: In this game, you need to sneak around to survive. Most of the game is in overhead third person view. You have multiple weapons to shoot with. There are many special sequences, like a torture mini-game. It is the kind of game you have to think outside the box when you play it beause of many 4th-wall breaking.

Graphics: Looks great by 1998 standards with many special effects like explosions.

Atmosphere: The game has an amazing cold, gritty atmosphere. It almost feels like a fantasy game sometimes.

Music and sound effect: Couldn't be better. Amazing music and pretty much perfect voice acting.

Story: You are Solid Snake, a former special unit Foxhound operative, called out of retirement by his former commander. Your mission is to rescue hostages and tosee if the new Foxhound unit can launch a nuke in the now taken-over secret Shadow Moses alaskan base. The story has many plot twists and interesting, deep themes wich makes it one of the best in gaming.

Characters: The characters are all extremly memorable. The allies, the bosses... everyone.

Innovative or unique: This game raised the bar for voice acting in video game and the stealth genre.

+ Unique stealth gameplay

+ Exploration

+ Deep story themes

+ Memorable characters

+ Great music

+ Amazing voice acting

+ Great atmosphere

+ Completly epic and memorable boss fights

+ 4th wall breakings

+ Alots of epic moments

+ Great replay value

+ 2 endings

+ Variety in the environnemnt

+ Unlockables

+ A huge ammount of easter eggs and references

+ The fact it is both laughable and serious

+ Great graphics for their time

+ The cinematics are interesting

+ The game is challenging but not too much

+ Set the bar for stealth games

- You can't aim

Gameplay: 10

Graphics: 10

Story: 10

Music/Sound effect: 10

Atmosphere: 11

Characters: 10

Lasting appeal: 10

Innovative/Unique: 10

Overral: 10/10