My Experience With Metal Gear Solid

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid PS

Metal Gear Solid Is One Of My Favorite Games For PS1. The first Time I remember playing it was on a Pizza Hut demo Disc and I got a little Confused on the controls and what kind of genre is the Game? Is It a Shoot em up game, a Beat Em up or a fighting RPG?( I was 6 when I first Played it back in 99') And Well The purpose Of This game is like Hide and seek stye I called ( Until the term "Stealth" was what I heard) and All you have to do is Sneak by enemies and try to blow up metal Gear. Well lets just say Im not good with the game back in 99' but in 04' I got A little better(Still got The Demo disc) and not until 08' when I got The Metal Gear Solid Essential Edition I was MIND BLOWN with the Whole Story! Theyre were soo many cool action scene's and the Dialogue that its like playing a Movie you directed with a Push of a button. It was an Influence to Many Action Games like Call Of Duty and this might sound Crazy but the series taught me what philosophy is all about because in every game there is a Pop culture reference. If You Never Played Metal Gear Solid than I ENVY YOU! Because Your gonna have a Blast.