User Rating: 9 | Metal Gear Solid PS

Despite its now outdated control system metal gear solid has stood the test of time. This is for the most part due to the ever expanding series of prequel and sequel games that have been released. Any fan of the series, who like myself started with a later game (MGS2) then has to go back and play this title. Why? Because despite metal gear games being fun to simply play with your brain on auto pilot they also have a very interesting narrative driven plot. The metal gear series is so in depth and complex at times that it rivals some of the great epic RPGS, and certainly provides all of you plot lovers your fix of story as well as gameplay. In this regard metal gear solid to slots into the main cannon of the series perfectly for all its fans, that being said for those who have never played the original Metal Gear and Solid Snake games, a little bit of Wikapidia may be required to bribe the narrative gap between the games focusing on Big boss (MGS3, Portable Ops, Peace Walker) and this game. Despite this the game is more than anything, fun - and has all the classic components of any good metal gear game, after all this is where the "classic" comes from. Sneaking, boss battles, long and complex cut scenes, codec conversations, double crossing and a bloody huge mecha; its all here.

So if your a fan of the series but have never got round to playing this title, do yourself a favour and give it a play, its short compared to some of the later titles, but that still shouldn't take away from the experience.

If you are yet to dive into the world of metal gear, i would suggest starting with Metal Gear Solid 3 originally for the Playstation 2 but now re-released for the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation 3 with enhanced graphics. This is not only chronologically the fist game in the series, but also one of the best. The series is one of the epics, with a plot spanning over 50 years with each game being enjoyable in there own regard but also as part of a greater whole. Even if like myself you are an RPG fan at heart, the mad plot of metal gear and its decision making aspects over simply button bashing will have you soon consuming the entire series in no time.

All in all, a great game, certainly one of the best ps1 titles out there, which are now readably accessible to anybody with a playstation store account!