Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, some points I don't believe have been made

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It has been established that MGS: Ground Zeroes will take place in the mid 80's, by looking at the tech and such. Now this is where it gets confusing... In this picture, Big Boss is young, and dons the MSF patch on his left shoulder. So, this shows that it couldn't have been so far after the end of Peace Walker which ended in 1974. In this one, he is older, but there is a small thing I noticed. He has a FOX patch on his right shoulder. After noticing this, I noticed that there are no pictures that show Big Boss's left shoulder during the gameplay demo. Nor are there any pictures of Big Boss's right shoulder in Ground Zeroes when he looks young (aside from a few inverted pictures). Another thing, according to the story, FOX was disbanded before Peace Walker. I've heard nothing about what happened post-disbandment though, if it could have any significance. But if this does take place in the 80's, why does Big Boss have a FOX patch on? Shouldn't it be a FOXHOUND patch? Maybe there was something I missed with that whole thing, it's probably nothing important. But anyways... I read an article showing that the weapon Big Boss is holding in the first picture is a Bulgarian weapon, and Bulgaria had a large amount of influence in central Africa, the original assumed location of Ground Zeroes. It's probably just a coincidence, but that gave me an idea. Maybe Ground Zeroes takes place in multiple locations and times. I'm pretty sure that during the gameplay it is mentioned that you can use a helicopter to travel between open-world areas and countries. So maybe the story begins in Africa immediately after Peace Walker, then at some point moves to Cuba in the 80's. I don't think there is any way to prove that, but it seems to answer some of these questions. One more thing... MGS: Ground Zeroes is suppose to "set the scene" to MGS 5 (for this, pretend that The Phantom Pain is without a doubt MGS5). Given the evidence in The Phantom Pain's trailer, it seems that it most likely takes place immediately after Big Boss wakes up from the Les Enfants Terribles project, which occurs immediately after the San Hieronymo Takeover (Portable Ops), which is before Peace Walker . So how could Ground Zeroes possibly be a prequel to MGS5? Ground Zeroes definitely takes place after Peace Walker, so how could Ground Zeroes be before MGS5 if MGS5 is before Peace Walker? Paradox much? I don't know what to say, other than that Kojima is a f**king genius madman who will make all of us feel stupid once the games come out and the pieces finally come together. (I may have made a small mistake or two, I am very familiar with the MGS series, but it is extremely complex, as you should know)