The best game I have ever played and probably ever will.

User Rating: 10 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PC

As Snake you get to experience the most kick-ass spy, killer, boss, destroyer and one super soldier. The game has so much to explore and so many different ways to approach scenarios. You get to build bases and upgrade them, have buddies on missions and choose their roles, upgrade them, send soldiers to do various missions and get boosts for further base upgrades. The story set in Afghanistan sets a beautiful premise for the works. The graphics, sound and game play is thrilling and second to none.

From horse riding, to sniping from afar, to distracting and killing or just plain barging into a shitload of smart enemies and taking them out. You can also call in powerful air strikes to decimate enemy positions, drive tanks through their bases or ride on your horse and shoot through the enemies. The weapons and clothing to gadgets and vehicles, everything is up-gradable and feels like a great achievement which strives you to work hard to fulfill the resource requirement in order to be able to upgrade.

Coming to the main part the story is unbelievably good and so well crafted that it immerses you in it totally. Soak in the experience as Snake and get playing one of the greatest games of this decade. Be ready to soak in more than 40 hours in this master piece.