Possibly the end for one of the best video game saga.

User Rating: 9 | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots scored me, with one of the best finals I've ever seen in a game, Snake Eater one of the best games I've ever seen. Games of the industry, as well as Metal Gear Solid PS1 that revolutionized the Stealth genre, the question was always, is it possible to zero a game without killing anyone? Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is undoubtedly one of the best game of this type. Generation, the gameplay is spectacular, it flows very well, it has several possibilities, you can do 1 mission in several ways, you have 4 partners, D-Horse, D-Dog, Quiet and D-Walker, and I had your style you Metal Gear Solid V has decided to become an open world game, and it works to some extent, if you expect to exploit it thinking it is a living world and etc, you will be disappointed, but the way you It is used that is every mission has its area, works well, but is far from an open world GTA level for example, you have to manage your base, collecting materials, diamonds and extract enemies and animals with fulton to strengthen your Base, which is also very important to open the Big Boss has a mechanic arm that can be modified, can choose a rocket arm, that of the shock, that makes the enemies teleport, is very cool, the graphics are beautiful, the facial expressions are flawless, the Kojima Decided to cut the cutscenes a lot, there are no more cutscenes level Metal Gear Solid 4, up to 1 hour or so, now more short cutscenes, the game has tapes, you have to listen to understand the plot of the game, and Big Boss is still a great character, but I admit that I was very disappointed with him in the progress of the game, especially for the secret ending, Quiet is a character that you D-Dog is an excellent partner, detects enemies, plants, animals and land mines, D-Horse helps a lot, especially to get around in areas, Ocelot makes a Great participation, no more po I think it's a very annoying thing to do in this game, Skull Face is a very competent villain, and there are other characters like Huey, who is the father of Otacon, and how do you find Kojima in the game? Appears in a Side-ops, very cool the participation of him, the soundtrack is incredible, you find tapes with songs, and you can for example put it as music of the Helicopter, has a song called The Man Who Sold World that is sensational, She plays at the beginning of the game, and it is very interesting because it is a song that plays a fundamental role in the game, only who play will understand, now the plot, the plot unfortunately is very problematic, something I had never seen in the saga, It is composed of 2 chapters (there is a chapter 3 that has been removed from the game), chapter 1 is impeccable, excellent main missions, great dialogues, incredible cinematic scenes (common thing in Metal Gear), and good boss Battle (but none that Arrives near the Boss Battle of Snake E And Guns of the Patriots), but Chapter 2 is very fast, clearly it's something to do with Kojima's fight with Konami, there's a lot of scenes without link, without any structure, several scenes you see that something was missing in it , But it has a special chapter that is mission 43 which is one of the best I've ever played in the saga, it's heavy, and you feel it, you feel what the Big Boss is going through at the moment, it's a very difficult choice, Difficulty is very moderate, has very complicated times, the main missions 29, 31 and 45 are very complicated, especially the 29, the biggest problem in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain are the repeated missions, from the mission 31 that is When chapter 1 ends, you do the same missions of chapter 1 differently, in the extreme that is a major difficulty, total stealth that you can not be seen, and there is one that I have forgotten the name that you are disarmed in the mission, And this annoys me a lot, it's pretty dull you do the same mission Again, even if it is in a different way, and the secret ending is one of the best Plot Twist I have ever seen in a game, it is not only impressive, but also concerts several holes in the saga, especially MSX Metal Gear. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was very close to being a masterpiece, if it were not for the problem of Chapter 2, with scenes with problems in the narrative and sometimes meaningless, and the repetitions of the mission, could have been the best Game of the saga. Note 93